Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Special Letter to YOU

Dear YOU,

This coming October, we are holding the first ever Pink Auction in Cork City. The auction will bring together many people with two goals ---- to promote creative textiles in Ireland and to raise money for Action Breast Cancer, a programme of the Irish Cancer Society. People within the community as well as around the country are participating by making and donating handcrafted creative textile items to be auctioned off. The event will take place at The Imperial Hotel on Sunday, the 10th of October, 2010.

You can help us in getting the word out to the public and this is a vital component to the success of the auction, both in soliciting donations and encouraging people to come and bid on auction items. The more people that hear about the Pink Auction the better so please share this or the links to your websites. The more support we can get the more we can do and the better it is for breast cancer awareness. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, read our Volunteer Request blog post.

The Pink Auction seeks donations of high quality textile art. Creative textile art includes: crochet, knitting, lace, quilting, weaving, felting, batik, textile jewellery. Donations may be in any colour and we actively seek handcrafted blankets, shawls, bags, fashion, baby clothing, mittens, etc… As the auction event approaches, smaller events and workshops will be taking place in the city. We anticipate community involvement as we promote creative textiles while encouraging donations. Local venues can help by hosting small workshops between now and early September or displaying auction items to spread the excitement for the event. Stores and craft groups can help by donating wool or textile supplies for pre-auction workshops or to be used in auction items.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about Cork’s Pink Auction in support of Action Breast Cancer. If you need anymore info, please do not hesitate to contact us at PinkCork

Yours sincerely,

Julie Anne & Evin
Event Organizers

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