Friday, June 18, 2010

Free Pattern Friday: Robots

This week's Free Pattern Friday link list was compiled by Evin of Spring Stitches.

A friend of ours LOVES quirky things, including robots and when we saw these patterns, we thought of her, which is always a happy thing to do. So, as you read this, think of your cool friends who enjoy fun things and make you smile when you get to see them. And while you're thinking, here are some amazing robot patterns for knitters, sewers, and crafty creative textile lovers of human and robot origins.

Knitting Pattern Central's Proto the Robot knitting project (pictured)

Proto Robot
Applique Robot from Beth of Project

Christina from 3 Sweet P's has an Applique Robot that looks great on a boy's tee.

KnitPicks has three-robot kit (patterns and yarn), so we're linking to this even though it's not free just because it exists and how many robot patterns are there out there? Maybe more than we think.

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