Who's talking about the Pink Auction?
Here is a list of blogs, websites, calendars, and media: - the blog of our fabulous auctioneer, Denis A. Barrett
Cork Independent (7 Oct 2010) 
City Style: Cork from The Cork News (Sep 2010)
The Irish World (Sep 2010)
Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer (Sep 2010)
The Woolly Way of Ireland (Sep 2010)
The Crafty Alley Shop
Whazon Cork (Sep 2010)
Irish Craft Update (Sep 2010)
Corkipedia (Aug 2010)
Harmony Design Studio (Jul 2010)
Beyond Breast Cancer - Pink Auction (Jul 2010)
The Woolly Way - Pink Auction Update (Jul 2010)
Things I Fell In Love With Today - Knit In Public (Jun 2010)
The Woolly Way - Yarn Wanted In Cork (Jun 2010)
Spring Stitches - Stash Busting (Apr 2010)
The Woolly Way - Get Involved in Pink Auction (Apr 2010)
40 Shades of Life - Irish Cancer Society (Mar 2010)
The Woolly Way - Pink Auction (Nov 2009)
What When Where - Cork Events
Voluntary Arts Network

Now's YOUR chance to write about The Pink Auction. For the complete details on the event, download our Press Release as a PDFAfter reading it, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Here are photographs that can be used in conjunction with news and articles about the Pink Auction! All photography is by Evin O'Keeffe. A model release can be provided for Máire O'Sullivan if your publication requires it. 

This information was up-to-date as of: 22 Sept 2010.