Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Be in the Pink with Us!

With just over two weeks until the Pink Auction, there is still time to get involved.
Final auction items are being catalogued and press coverage has been cheering us on in these last weeks of auction preparations. We still appreciate your involvement and there are ways you can help make this event a success. Here are a few that cost absolutely nothing!
Print our invitation and hand it out around your town and to your friends.
Write about our event in your blog, newspaper, community newsletter, Facebook wall, or Tweets. Download our Press Release PDF and promotional photos to get started.
Attend the Pink Auction. Join us at the creative textiles event that will inspire and encourage us all to be creative, kind, and giving. October is a perfect time to start Christmas shopping too!
Volunteer at the auction. Help is needed to direct people to the auction in the Imperial Hotel as well as answer questions guests may have. Contact us to find out what volunteer opportunities are available.