Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How To Tuesday: Quilting

This post is written by Mandi Jackson especially for the Pink Auction blog. Slainté.

Quilting is such an amazing form of expression. After receiving a gorgeous quilt as a wedding present, I have a new appreciation for quilting. A quilt can be a record of family events, tell a story, or it can just be a beautiful addition to your home. Here are some links that were inspiring to me. When you are ready for quilt patterns, check out Pink Auction's very own Free Pattern Friday: Quilts post.

Quilt-addicted Bloggers:

Sites with a plethora of quilting information:
Quilting on eHow
Simple Baby Quilt from Martha Stewart

Quilting Videos, now there are a million of these on YouTube.com, but these are a few with How-To instructions:

Needle & Thread

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